Daphne Reborn

Daphne Reborn is an intermediate level counted canvas design. It is a quilt-inspired stitch sampler. The finished design size is approximately 6 ¼ inches square. The working canvas is 13 inches square.

The design is worked on 18-mono canvas. It features threads from the Caron Collection: Watercolours, Wildflowers, Waterlilies, Impressions hand-dyed, and Soie Cristale and Kreinik Braids.

Stitches used in the design include: basketweave, Walneto, Arrow Amadeus, Milanese, Scotch, Cashmere, bound cross, woven cross, giant rice stitch, Scotch cross corners, Rice stitch variations, star Waffle, double-wrapped Smyrna, backstitch, slanted gobelin, waffle, and a plaited couching pattern.

This design uses creative thread blending in the needle to create a third color value from light and dark values of solid and hand-dyed threads. There are six colorway options included, each based on the Watercolours of the same name.

“Kelp” (the original)
“Olive Grove”
“Autumn Leaves” is based on the Caron Collection’s Watercolours “Burnt Toast” and “Tobacco”
“Cardinal’s Red”

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