EGA Certified Teacher: Canvas Embroidery

After 20 years on the road, Carole retired from traveling to teach in 2010 with a great sigh of relief. She says she is never again sleeping on anyone’s sofa bed! However, about that time she and Michael Boren formed StitchPlay Designs with the idea of teaching online classes. writing books and creating designs together. In 2017, Michael retired and Carole (not a retiring person!) took over the business. Patterns from Carole, patterns from Michael, and patterns that they designed together are available here, as are all their books! Carole plans to teach occasional online classes, write at least one more book, and is finishing several new designs.

Pictured at right is Carole receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award from NAN in 2017.
More info may be found at the NAN website here

Areas of Specialization:
Counted canvas techniques •Internet classes
Multi-fiber effects on canvas •Color and design applications
Painted canvas embellishment •Teaching teachers of needlework

Experience in the Needlework Field:
National seminars: ANG National 2000-2007, EGA National, 2003-2008; Callaway 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009; scheduled for ANG, EGA in 2009 and EGA, ANG, Callaway and NAN in 2010
EGA regionals: over 40 since 1989 including South Central, Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, Carolinas, Rocky Mountain, Greater Pacific and Sun Regions
CyberWorkshops for the American Needlepoint Guild, as well as an extensive range of private CyberClasses offered via Shining Needle Society.
Workshops and programs for chapters and groups, as well as private and shop classes.
Author of nationally distributed published charts and designs.
Author of “How to Teach a Two-Hour Class” (EGA Guideline Series).
EGA Designer Across America, March 1998
South Central Region EGA Educator’s Award of Excellence 1995
Co-author of “The Art of Teaching Needlework”, an individual correspondence course for EGA
Author of five needlework books with Michael Boren.
National Academy of Needlearts Lifetime Achievement Award 2017

In the field of needlearts:
EGA Teacher Certification in Canvas Embroidery
EGA School for Advanced Studies and EGA and ANG national teachers’ forums
Numerous workshops and courses, most recently with Barbara Smith, Michele Roberts, Tony Minieri, Charlotte Miller, Joan Thomasson, Debbie Stiehler, Wilcke Smith and Elizabeth Elvin

In general:
BA in foreign languages, 1971, Rice University, Houston

Life Member of EGA and ANG; Member of the National Embroidery Teachers’ Association and the National Academy of Needlearts.
Designer member of TNNA.
Friend of The Royal School of Needlework.

Austin Stitchery Guild, EGA, Board of Directors, 1984 – present.
Bluebonnet Chapter, ANG, Board of Directors, 1994-1995, 1999-present.
National Embroidery Teachers’ Association, on the board 2003-2006, Past President.
American Needlepoint Guild, National Board of Directors, 1996 – 1999.
International Council of Needlework Associations, Chairman, 2000-2002.
Chairman, EGA Master Craftsman Program in Design, 2003 – 2010.
Evaluator: EGA Teacher Certification Committee, 1993 – present.
Chairman: South Central Region EGA: Seminar 1991, 2001, 2011.
Author of articles in Needle Pointers, Needlepoint Now, The Best of Apprize and in Needle Arts.

Carole Lake