Mariposa is an intermediate-level counted canvas design that can be finished as a framed picture, an insert for a lacquered box or a pillow insert. So, not only do you have a lovely piece that is fast and fun to stitch, you’ll also learn some really cool stitches. The finished design size is approximately 6 inches square. The working canvas is 10 inches square.

The design is worked on 18-mono canvas. It combines Kreinik metallic (2 spools), ThreadworX overdyed pearl #8 (2 skeins), and Caron Collections Impressions.

Stitches used in the design include: double fans, double fan doubled, crescent diamond stitch, Chilly Hollow stitch, nesting triangles, rays and various laid filling stitches.

There are a total of eleven colorways included with this design, all named after their constituent ThreadworX pearl. We have picked our favorite canvas color to go with the other threads, but we’ve offered several other choices, in case something else makes you happier!

The model is stitched with “Pacific Islands” and is stitched on Eggshell canvas.
(alternate canvas color choices: French blue or Aquamarina)

Other colorways we have chosen are:

“Wildflowers” stitched on Rose Blush canvas. (alternate canvas color choices: French blue or Lilac)
“Black Forest” stitched on Victorian red canvas. (alternate canvas color choices: Victorian Green or Santa Fe Sage)
“Napa Vines” stitched on Lilac canvas. (alternate canvas color choice: French blue)
”Summer Skies” stitched on French Blue canvas. (alternate canvas color choices: Antique blue or Levantine blue)
“Peach Sherbet” stitched on Rose Blush canvas. (alternate canvas color choice: eggshell)
“Smokin’ Guns” stitched on Pewter canvas. (alternate canvas color choice: French Blue)
“Indian Tapestry” stitched on Eggshell. (alternate canvas color choices: Lilac or Aquamarina)
“Bradley’s Balloons” stitched on Buttercream (alternate canvas color choices: Victorian Red or Lilac)
“Cherries” stitched on Rose Blush. (alternate canvas color choices: Victorian green)
“Dreamscape” stitched on Aquamarina. (alternate canvas color choices: French blue)

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