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Just In the Nick of Time

  • Stitcher’s Block?  This easy-to-throw-in-your-tote is the cure!
  • Dozens of practical stitches, when, where and how to use them.
  • Suggestions for threads.
  • Suggestions for adapting stitches for your particular project.
  • Arranged in alphabetical order from Alicia’s Lace to Web Stitch.
  • These are stitches you can use!




Double Fan Doubled? Jessica? Walneto? Do these stitches give you heartburn? You CAN do them!

Twisty Stitches offers you step-by-step, stitch-by-stitch (big enough to see!) photos of how to do these scary needlepoint stitches. Learn not only how to do the Amadeus, Double Fan and Double Fan Doubled, Eight Point Star Jessica, Crescent, Mistake Stitch, Plaited Rays, Sprats Head, Sheaf Stitch, Waffle and Walneto and Chilly Hollow stitches, but move on to dozens of carefully charted (and pictured!) variations of each! These are gorgeous stitches in two fabulous all-color spiral-bound books.

New website special:  buy both Twisty Stitches books (you really do need both, don’t you?) and Carole will pay the postage to anywhere in the US. And if you are international, she’ll make you a very good price!

I encourage you to join me at the Shining Needle Society, an online source for needlework classes. I offer lots of great classes with no travel required. SNS is free to join – just pay for the classes you choose to take. To join, send an email to: or visit here. ~ Carole