Carole loves Evertite™ Stretcher Bars!

She selfishly keeps them in stock so that she will always have them herself, but also is more than willing to sell them to you via her online storefront! She usually keeps sizes from 8” to 20” in stock but she’s ordered 33” and 45” ones! (EEK) She also keeps the T-tools around so she can always find one! If you have never used Evertite™ bars, Carole has a great handout with pictures to ‘talk’ you through it. Carole believes that using Evertite™ bars will visibly improve your stitching – because it did hers!

Sizes 8”-13” — $15/pair
Sizes 14 – 20” – $18/pair
T-tools — $7

Purchase at our ONLINE STORE!

* all sizes in stock, but no shipping till after May 20