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This class, just for Shining Needle, is Carole & Michael’s interpretation of a fabulous painted canvas from Pajamas & Chocolate, designed exclusively for StitchPlay. If you didn’t love puffins before, Miss Puff will steal your heart. Download the full class advertisement here, and register on our Online Storefront.



Available at your local needlework shop, or to order direct visit our Online Storefront.

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New kit for sale! Purchase at our Online Storefront.

THE THISTLE, as featured on the cover of NeedlePointers Sept/Aug 2014.

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We encourage you to join us at the Shining Needle Society, an online source for needlework classes. We offer lots of great classes with no travel required. SNS is free to join – just pay for the classes you choose to take. To join, send an email to: kategaunt@aol.com or visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SNS_Home_Room/

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